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Sampling & Dispensing

Booths are designed to give mixed air flow stream for product, operator and environmental protection and used to control the hazardous emissions of dust powder during powder dispensing / sampling process. 0.3 micron downward air stream deflects air-borne dust away from the operator breathing zone which is caused in handling operation. Dust particle available is being filtered at three levels of filtration prior to being circulated back to the booths air stream. For filling, refilling, weighing & sampling of Raw material & Components

Customised Configurations and Sizes are available upon request.

Dispensing and Sampling booths Specifications

S.NO Description Specifications
1 Type Front Open
2 Direction of flow Vertical
3 Material of Construction SS304 / SS316 or CRCA Powder Coated
4 Cleanliness Class 100 as per US FED STD 209E
5 Particle Retention 0.3 micron & Above
6 Noise Level 65dB on Scale 'A' ± 5
7 Velocity 90 FPM ± 20%
8 Illumination Fluorescent tubes diffusers
9 Pressure Differential 0-25 mm inclined Manometers / Magnehelic Gauge
10 Power Supply 230V Single Phase, 50 Hz
11 Pre-Filters 10 - 15 micron rating, 3-Layers of HDPE mesh, 6mm Pressure Drop
12 Intermediate Filters 3 micron & above, two layers of HDPE woven mesh and one layer of Non-woven
13 Supply HEPA Filters 99.97% efficiency @ 0.3 micron rating
14 Exhaust HEPA Filters 99.97% efficiency @ 0.3 micron rating
15 Blower Assembly Statically & Dynamically balanced DIDW type blower system